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For purchasing Durga idol, Ordering, making Durga idol, Shola (Pith) – Fiber Glass make Durga idol, contact us. Want to buy Durga idol overseas? Want to buy ‘Shola’ (Pith), Fiber Glass make Durga idol from Kumartuli?

We supply ‘Shola’ (Pith), Fiber Glass Durga idol to NRI’s, overseas, foreign countries. We also supply ‘Shola’ (Pith) decoration for various festivals / occasions / seminars / conferences like ‘Banga Sammelan’ 2007, 2005 and previous years. For more details contact us.

We are the number one Idol Exporter from Kumartuli, Kolkata, who export more than 20-25 idol images (made by ‘shola’ (pith), fiber glass) per year to the overseas. And the order amount increasing every year.